QuickBooks was founded in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx under a company named Intuit after the success of their first program, Quicken. Quicken was a company aimed to provide accounting computer software to simplify financial management for companies. Initially, QuickBooks attracted concerns from accounting professionals about the program’s lack of an audit trail and not conforming to traditional accounting rules. In response, Intuit developed programs which included audit trail capabilities as well as double entry accounting functions and other new features. The Basic and Pro versions of Quicken accounting software packages were developed in 2000, which were succeeded by the development of industry specific versions in 2003. These program additions took into consideration the workflow processes and terminology used in specific industries.

QuickBooks products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premise accounting applications. QuickBooks is the leader in accounting computer software for small businesses internationally with more than 80% retail market share and over 2 million users.

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As small to medium sized businesses nationwide are constantly looking for ways to spotlight themselves and draw individual attention within their respective markets, they find themselves stumbling into the future: the realm of live-streaming video applications. Live-streaming video apps are a revolutionary, profound way to interact with a collection of subscribers or potential clientele in real time.

In early 2015, Apple, Inc. launched Meerkat, an application which allowed users to live stream what was happening around them while simultaneously sharing the link for other people to watch. In immediate response, Twitter acquired Niche and Periscope;Periscope,a startup company with similar functionalities to Meerkat,for $124.8 million. In fact, International Business Times reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission filing “…was broken down to $57.7 million in company stock and $28.9 million in cash. Twitter also agreed to pay out as much as $38.2 million to employees of the acquired companies if they stayed.” Twitter cut off Meerkat’s access to its social graph in favor of its own service, Periscope, which made it harder for Meerkat users to find people to follow within the app.

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People always think that being a manager and a leader are the same thing however they are two completely different jobs. A manager is not a Leader but a leader must be an effective manager. 

Managers are more formal and scientific. They apply different type of method in order to make their group members perform very well, for instance, Theory X and Theory Y, Maslow’s Need of Hierarchy, The contingency approach, the system perspective etc.  On the contrary,leaders influence and motivate. They do not use any method or rules to make people do what they want them to do. -Managers have employees where they imposed them to do things, leaders have followers.