10 Marketing Tips To Flourish Your Business

David Tam on September 3, 2016


These ten marketing tips will help you flourish in your business.

1) Know your market

Find your target market. If you don’t have a target market, you will end up having customers who have different motives instead of what you’re after. Factors of finding your target market depends on the product you’re trying to sell, the age group you’re targeting, the people interested in your item, etc. If you know your product, you will identify this. Having a target market is vital to succeeding in your business. You don’t want a customer seeking for technology parts if your company is focusing on grocery.

2) Make your Website SEO Friendly (Set engine optimization)

According to moz, SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines. Without SEO, potential and current customers may not see your website. SEO is an import aspect of making your website visible to your customers and potential customers by searching on their favorite search engine. With keywords that are very likely to be searched, your company will have a higher chance of being found. The goal is to be number one on the list.

3) Social media presence

In today’s business, Social media presence is very important for business owners. Users browser social media everyday. It’s best to open up a social media page to gain attraction of followers. In addition to creating a social media, interaction is important. Interacting with followers shows that the company cares about current and future fans.

4) Keep your website updated

A company is inactive if a website is not very updated. It also shows issues with a company if their potential followers see an outdated website. Always update your website to keep up with the latest practices. In addition, having a website mobile friendly will allow more exposure to your company. It is because most followers browse on phones or mobile devices in today’s technology.

5) Set goals

This can be ranged from minor to major. Increasing revenue, gain higher reviews, and improve customer service are a few examples of goals. Always have a goal in mind. It’s best to start small goals first because after meeting the small goals, you can continue to advance to tougher or higher goals. Be sure to keep track of all goals; you don’t want to forget them.

6) Create a budget

Yes, there are opportunities of free online marketing, but free marketing can’t push you to the long-term needs. It’s best to carefully plan a budget on what you need the most. You can still use free marketing tools, but don’t rely on them too much if you want the best results.

7) Customer Reviews

The higher the reviews, the bigger the reputation of the company. A potential customer will have doubts if the review score of a company is low. Higher review scores/feedback show potential customers that they will be more confident with becoming a customer of your company.

8) Check your competition

You may be building a company that specializes in accounting, but someone else out there is thinking the same thing. If you don’t keep up, you will be outplayed by your competitors. Consider visiting your competitors’ websites. Look for keys from your competitors that are doing different compared to yours. Find a new idea that your competitors may not have thought of.

9) Start a blog/newsletter

Every company should have a blog, and it opens the door to many customers. Blogs help in many ways, including optimizing your website, customer engagement, gaining thoughtful leadership, bringing in new content, etc. Blogs help to expose your business further.

10) Create online videos

Everyone likes to read, but not all people prefer to read. Having a video about your company its services helps to better understand your company for those who prefer video over text.



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