Three Tech Gadgets recommended for Entrepreneurs

David Tam on October 14, 2016

Technology constantly improving theses days that it seems like it all happens in the blink of an eye. It can range from software we use to everyday devices. This article feature three gadgets that will enhance your business.

1) Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Surface Pro 4 is a light, attractive touchscreen tablet that also can function as a laptop with a keyboard accessory. This tablet is capable of running every piece of Windows software from Windows 7 forward.

So if you are a Web Designer, Accountant, Realtor, Car Dealer, Physician and etc., you can take your traditional apps/software that have been linked to your office PC and now bring them out to your clients. The tablet also comes equipped with a Surface Pen stylus which can be use for note-taking alongside your traditionally apps/software.

According to  , “Microsoft announced that Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, the car dealership arm of Warren Buffett's legendary corporate holding company, has already ordered Surface Pro 4 tablets for their employees— and 12 other companies, including USI Insurance and the Land O' Lakes dairy giant, have done the same.”
Look out for the Surface Pro 5 because speculations of a release date have been spreading around the internet since the Surface Pro 4 model was launched onto retail stores. Again, this just a "rumors", as none of those reported sources are trustworthy.

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2) Microsoft Wireless USB Adapter and Apple Digital AV Adapters

The Microsoft Wireless USB Adapter creates a connectable host into a TV, monitor, and projector. The screen itself becomes a wireless second screen for any connectable devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With a range of up to 23 feet, the display adapter can read any device from a very far distance. Business owners can take advantage of this gadget by plugging the adapter into the TV, monitor and projector. Pair the adapter to your mobile device and share the screen; your screen is now shared to your TV, monitor, or projector. You are ready for your conference or your business presentation. 

The Apple Digital AV Adapters uses similar concepts but with mac devices.

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3) Energous Corporation WattUp

The WattUp wire-free charging system is a technology that will allow you to charge smartphones, tablets, and other small gadgets from your office, home, or car without wires. According to Energous, the technology is similar to Wi-Fi, a Radio Frequency (RF) system that delivers safe wire-free charging energy at a distances of up to approximately 15ft from a transmitter to a receiver device such as a mobile phone, and it maintains charging while the receiver is in motion. Up to 12 receiver devices can be managed by the system simultaneously, depending on system specifications. This is very useful for business owners as tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc., are often used on day-to-day operations of a business.

WattUp wire-free charging system give you the freedom to roam where you want to without the anxiety of losing power to your devices and eliminate the needs of adapters/cables. Business owners can charge their devices instantly via Bluetooth within up to a 30-foot end-to-end charging distance.

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